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Richard Guthrie

Dr Richard Guthrie is the CBW Events Co-ordinating Editor.

Richard has worked in and with the non-governmental, governmental and inter-governmental sectors; mostly looking at technology control and innovation issues that relate to materials and technologies that can have hostile as well as peaceful uses. His work in this field is much broader than that which would normally come under the rubric of arms control. He has side interests in the issues of interactions between governments and societies, in policies of access to official information, in emergency planning/response, and in international legal frameworks.

Richard was previously Project Leader of the Chemical and Biological Warfare Project of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). Before Sweden, Richard was an independent consultant working with inter-governmental bodies, governments, NGOs and academic units. He was involved in a long-term collaboration with the Harvard Sussex Program (1988-2003), where he was responsible for production of The CBW Conventions Bulletin and for managing certain data resources. He also edited or co-edited seven volumes of the VERTIC yearbook (199197) and the VERTIC newsletter Trust and Verify (199297). He was responsible for production of the PPNN Newsbrief (19892001). He also worked part-time in the House of Commons for sixteen years.

In 2016, Richard completed a part-time PhD on the concept of effectiveness regarding control measures within the regime to control biological weapons.

Outside activities include membership of the Pugwash Study Group on the Implementation of the Chemical and Biological Weapons Conventions (as well as being a member of the Executive Committee of British Pugwash and a Trustee of the British Pugwash Trust), chairmanship of the Bath branch of the United Nations Association and being an elected Trustee, and Chair of the Finance Committee, for the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution.

He can be contacted via e-mail at richard [AT] cbw-events.org.uk.