Iraq Chronology

The Iraq Chronology consists of four volumes recording significant events relating to Iraq and its attempts to acquire and use chemical and biological methods of warfare, the international reactions to these efforts and related developments.

The purpose of recording these events is to help understand how a country developed and used chemical weapons, attempted to develop biological weapons, then gave up some of these capabilities to international inspectors while destroying other capabilities on its own creating an air of uncertainty, and left much equipment and paperwork to eventually be scattered by looters.

Almost all accounts of Iraq and the international situation surrounding it are written from one perspective or another. These volumes are an attempt to record the relevant events as impartially as possible and, in doing so, provide a valuable resource for those wishing to understand how the events unfolded.

The four volumes exist as working drafts of the final publication. As with any compilation of this size, there is always a difficulty in deciding at what point to stop collating material and organize and refine the document for publication. Sample files from the drafts are provided via the bottom of this page. The drafts of the volumes in full have not been posted as this may prejudice future options for the final printed versions.

These working drafts are, therefore, a snapshot of the progress towards the final publication. The intention for producing working drafts is to enable external reviews of and comments on the work in progress. However, there is some value on letting the working drafts reach a wider audience as the subject matter covered remains of such topical importance. Readers wishing to access drafts covering periods not included in the sample files should contact the co-ordinating editor, Richard Guthrie, via richard(at)

The volumes of the Iraq Chronology are:
volume I -- up to 1990
volume II -- 1991 through 1995
volume III -- 1996 through 2000
volume IV -- 2001 through 2005

This themed chronology is being compiled by Richard Guthrie and Julian Perry Robinson.

The following sample files are currently available:

Each volume includes an index and there is also an index covering the four volumes.