CBW Events is a project to create a record of events to enable and encourage understanding of how policies on the issues relating to chemical and biological warfare (CBW) and its prevention are developed.

Libya Chronology

The Libya Chronology is intended to be the third country study after those on Iraq and Syria. The chronology will record significant events relating to Libya and its attempts to acquire, in particular, chemical methods of warfare (the country's biological efforts were relatively minor), the international reactions to these efforts and related developments. Notably, the effort to destroy the Libyan chemical weapons capability had two phases as a number of materials and artifacts were kept hidden from the initial efforts to destroy the relevant capabilities and were only revealed upon a change of government

As with the other country studies, almost all accounts of Libya and the international situation surrounding it are written from one perspective or another. This chronology will be an attempt to record the relevant events as impartially as possible and, in doing so, provide a valuable resource for those wishing to understand how the events unfolded. A key aim is to provide a context so that lessons learned from development and disposal of past programmes can be applied to assist efforts to enable a sustainable chemical-weapon-free world.